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Information for Solicitors and Surveyors


We understand the needs of property professionals as you are our core business. We will provide a professional service, amongst other things this means, promoting your business to your clients and not promoting our business to your clients. Keeping you informed of our progress and doing what we have agreed to when we have agreed to. We offer 30 days settlement to account clients and although this site concentrates on Lease Plans we also prepare Title Plans and all sorts of other drawings, domestic and commercial EPCs and residential condition surveys [HCS].
If you can supply a regular workflow we are prepared to arrange our own appointments with tenants and include your logo and branding on the plans.
We appreciate that in some cases we will be visiting the property and you may not be, therefore we will try to alert you to any additional circumstances we think are relevant, whether it is health and safety issues, a leaky pipe, a flying freehold or unauthorized activity. We can also supply photographs of the property at no extra charge.


Information for Landlords


From 2003 for both new leases and those sold or assigned with a term of 7 years or more to run require a Land Registry Lease Plan drawn to the Land Registry specification. This was brought in because in many cases the plans attached to leases were of such poor quality that the property could not be accurately identified and too many disputes were occurring.
Therefore in most cases when you grant a new lease you will need a lease plan. Lease plans drawn before 2003 will not usually be Land Registry compliant as they require the following.

1] The plan should be accurate and drawn to a preferred metric scale
2] A North point must be included as well as all changes in levels.
3] It should have enough detail to enable it to be located on an OS map.
4] No disclaimers should be present.
5] It should show the whole of the property and define the extent of the lease.
6] When the property is below ground or consists of airspace it should be shown with reference to adjacent stories.

A very common difficulty is caused when photocopying plans or printing from PDFs because, unless care is taken, the scale of the plan can be altered by these processes. All of our plans have advice on how best to avoid this.


The Requirements of Land Registry Compliant Plans


When a transaction is registered at the Land Registry that involves a part of a registered title [ie lease] it must include a plan to the Land Registry's specification showing the extent of the property.

The following are examples of transactions that need a compliant Land Registry Plan.
1] Any lease of seven years or more of part of a registered or unregistered title.
2] A reversionary lease that starts more than three months after the original lease.
3] The grant of any easement over the land of a registered title.
4] The sale of any property either registered or not.
5] If the demise is altered.

Even when a plan is not mandatory the modest cost makes it a worthwhile addition to any lease for the avoidance of doubt.

For more details please see The land Registry Practice Guide PG40 or Land Registry E-Learning


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